Chae Woom

Vegitable and fruit Refrigerator

Nowadays, the wellbeing life style is very popular. People are interested in the quality of their lives. They spend a lot of money to improve their lives, such as buying organic food, taking yoga classes and traveling with family. Among these activities, eating is the most important. The right eating habit is the best way to maintain good health. Therefore, this vegitable and fruit refrigerator can help people improve their eating habits.




There are 5 different color coded sections in the refrigerator. Each color of food belongs in the same color compartment. Two screen lines on the front surface show how full each area is. For instance, if the red line is full, it means there is enough red food. However, when the color fades, users need to go grocery shopping to get that color of food.
Therefore, this appliance is a perfect for the wellbeing life style, because it helps people vary their diet.




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